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NATIONALLY RANKED CLUB: NKYVC was recently honored by CBS Sports as the 36th ranked club in the country. NKYVC was the only club from Greater Cincinnati and one of few from the entire midwest in the national rankings. Selection criteria was based on national schedule and performance results, 8 teams qualifying for USA nationals, 3 teams qualifying at national qualifiers and 4 teams finishing in the top 40 in the Nation.

HISTORY........For the past 16 years, NKYVC has been building a nationally recognized club volleyball program by Focusing on Fundamentals. NKYVC is the most comprehensive youth training organization in Greater Cincinnati and is one of few in the USA that provides training in every age division from Pre School through 12th Grade for both Girls and Boys Volleyball.

RESULTS........Tangible, measurable and sustainable results year in year out. By recognizing opportunities for improvement and adapting to the demands of competitive sports training NKYVC achieves results. Over 96 NKYVC athletes have gone on to play for the college of their choice since the first recruiting class in 2006. (Click here for College Commitments)

MISSION........Committment, discipline and selflessness are the key components to excellence at NKYVC. As athletes and coaches, we share a common commitment to the advancement of ourselves and those around us, both as volleyball players/coaches as well as people. NKYVC is dedicated to constantly striving to reach a unified vision of success which is driven by our work ethic. NKYVC is committed to providing a program of excellence through quality training of athletes and a program designed to give athletes optimal opportunities to succeed both on and off the court.

GOALS........NKYVC's vision is to produce the finest volleyball student athletes in Greater Cincinnati year in and year out. Our athletes are leaders on and off the court and in the classroom. NKYVC is committed to preparing athletes to compete at the next level and has successfully transitioned athletes to the collegiate game by providing the right balance of sports, health and life. Preparing our athletes for this challenge as well as finding opportunities for them to continue to compete at the collegiate level is a key focus and goal for NKYVC.

OBJECTIVES........Our objectives are supported by our work ethic and shared common goals and values. Performance does not come without it sacrifices. At NKYVC, we believe that nothing can be attained without having a shared vision of success. We commit ourselves to our goals and nurture our athletes with proper actions to achieve those goals every day.

CORE VALUES........NKYVC recognize that it takes more than one individual to make a club successful and that the development of our athletes is like a journey. It takes direction, it takes a well thought out plan, it takes a collaboration of like minds working toward the same goals recognizing that each year is a another critical step in the path toward achievement and accomplishment. The journey leads nowhere without every player, parent, coach, administrator and fan believing in the mission & goal.

COACHING EXCELLENCE........To do this NKYVC only employs experienced and motivated coaches that are good people. People who will make excellent role models for today's young athletes. The NKYVC Coaching Staff consists of the areas top USA Junior Olympic, Collebe, High School and Grade School Coaches and Decorated Athletes. The NKYVC coaching staff is tenured, experienced, dedicated, qualified and motivated! The majority of coaches have been with NKYVC since the creation of the club, that alone says something. Most of our coaches have played Division I Volleyball/Sports and on average each has been coaching over 14 years.

Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing a learning environment that is consistent, demanding, motivated and of the highest possible standards to help our athletes accomplish their goals. That is why we can say we train our athletes and we are good at it!

TRAINING THAT WORKS........We believe we provide the best training environment in Greater Cincinnati for every age division from Pre Kindergarten-2nd Grade, 8U-10U Developmental and USAV 11U-18U Girls and Boys. We invite all of you to come to one of our many clinics or camps and experience the difference in organization, drilling, communication and athlete development.

SUCCESS........Success for NKYVC & our teams has not been easy-success has come the good old-fashioned way...we work hard and we earn it! Athletes try-out, train hard and earn a position on a team. We think that concept is fair and healthy and that the athletes learn a valuable life lesson along the way.

We realize NKYVC may not be for everyone but we are certainly open to everyone-we look to train athletes that are committed, focused, hard working and dream as "BIG" as we do.

SO WHAT'S YOUR DREAM......NKYVC wants to take you there!!



Northern Kentucky Volleyball Club 859-331-6558